Report Illegal Dump Sites!

Please feel free to report dump sites to Eric Gladwell (681-231-1183) or Greg Rote (304-389-8181) when you see any of the illegal activities below:

  • Trash dumped along a road, stream, or near an occupied building, such as a home or business.

  • Anyone dumping trash anywhere that is not a receptacle or legal landfill.

DEP press release 12/23/2005 11:37 AM
REAP program launches effort to identify illegal tire piles and dump.

As part of Governor Manchin's initiative to rid the state of unsightly dumps and litter, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is compiling an inventory of tire piles across the state.

The DEP is looking for help from the people who know the land best — landowners and community leaders who know where the dumps lie.

"Tire piles are hidden throughout the hills and hollows of the state," said DEP Cabinet Secretary Stephanie R. Timmermeyer. "In order to get an accurate inventory of tires that need cleaned up, we really need to enlist the help of state citizens."

A tire pile is defined as more than 100 tires. Residents who want to provide location information can either call the toll-free hotline or report the information on the DEP Web page.

Reports can be made anonymously. At a minimum, reports should include the county in which the tire pile is located, latitude and longitude, if available, and directions to the site.
Once compiled, DEP will submit the inventory to the legislature so that a cleanup plan can be developed.

Please report tire piles to Eric Gladwell (681-231-1183) or Greg Rote (304-389-8181).  DEP's tire program is part of Governor Manchin's REAP - The Next Generation initiative in the Division of Land Restoration.  REAP brings together all of the state's cleanup programs to maximize the state's cleanup efforts.