Recyclable Materials

Listed below are the materials that can be recycled on a regular basis and how to deliver these materials to the recycling center.


Bottles stamped with:

Effective immediately we no longer supply clear plastic bags.

Place all rinsed plastics 1 & 2 in a clear plastic bag. You must purchase clear bags at your market.  Flatten bottles & gallon milk jugs.


Cardboard & Cereal Boxes

Break down so they lie flat.

Mixed Paper

Newspaper, magazines, phonebooks, catalogs
Pack in bags or cardboard boxes or tie with natural twine. Keep dry.

Junk mail, photocopies, computer printouts
Pack in brown paper bags or boxes.

Shredded paper
Pack in paper bags or boxes. Shredded material MUST be in paper bags or boxes; it will not be accepted in plastic bags.

Mixed Metals

Metal cans & Aluminum Foil.
Empty & rinse cans. Crush, if possible.
Cut lids are acceptable. Labels may be left on cans.
Please do not deposit in plastic bags or boxes.

Clean scrap metals of any kind

Please call to check if the scrap you want to recycle is acceptable.

Aluminum cans. Rinse and crush.